Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well I get internet tomorrow but have been swamped with unpacking so it is not to much of a hassle. I am currently in a restaurant called Cullver's that has wifi preparing for my Japan trip next week and freebasing it to download music. There is really nothing to do out here and by the way this area is hell!!! I am literally public enemy #1 here. I have been followed by the cops twice and got pulled over and interrogated by three state troopers 2 days ago because I was following my dad in the RV as we were returning it to Chicago. They pulled over my dad for no reason and illegally searched his vehicle for drugs then stalked me down. I was a few exits away waiting and seconds after the office took my dads phone and called me, squad cars arrived. They searched the car twice claiming I smelled like "WEED" and drilled me on a ton of question that ended up to be complete lies. They were telling me that my dad didn't know I was following and my story didn't add up and there was no reason for me to be traveling to Chicago. It was insane! Its all cool though I guess FRI I am hitting up the DANCE GAVIN DANCE & iwrestledabearonce show and Japan next week...sweet! Let me know if anyone reads this haha!

Watch out this crazy pot dealer is in your town!!!!!


  1. You need some paraphernalia, go buy some needles, start collecting cash and I'll send you some guns.

  2. blogs are so difficult.... can't i just press "like"?