Sunday, June 24, 2012

Did you know...

Ryuichi Sakamoto composed the DreamCast boot up sound.....GOD I love that man even more....I want to play dreamcast now, now I tell you....actually I want to go back to '99 and play dreamcast again....blow my load again after seeing Sonic Adventure for the first time. I'd sabotage sony's head quaters for ever giving people the idea that a game system was made for other purposes than gaming. Then with a fresh, youthful outlook...we would have had a nintendo v sega match in the early 2000s and the game community would not be so fricking lame as it is today and I'd proly not be as depressed....well, thats bullshit


  1. You'd be depressed, but at least there'd be cool video games again. So it'd be worth it.

  2. PS2 ist mein lieblingsmachine