Friday, June 1, 2012

I can't help but think

this is a nillard pedo theme....No more tears little boy! Also the song lasts 7min, 7mins in heaven....

Nillard: "That's a closet I'll never come out of"!!!

I'm raising my chalice of Zima to you guys, hope your not having too much fun! Happy June!


  1. I toast my Roy Rogers back at you. Nilwad ditched me for his life partner Mabel or Suzanne or something so here I am looking over your blog. Having as much fun as I've normally had for the past two years. Frowny face.

    1. I think her name is delta burke.....those roy rogers go down easy with pickles. I keep asking for virgin shirley temples at restaurants but all I get is blank stares and eventually their newborn female children. DO you think in an alternate universe confederate solider's celebrate July 4th as their independence, as well as your auspicious birth?