Saturday, March 26, 2011

Off to Carlsbad Caverns

Well currently I'm running on four hours of sleep and we are about to get situated and head over to Carlsbad Caverns. After that I am completely unsure but hopefully there is a unicorn farm or a civil war memorial following, either I hope I get to meet Larry the Cable while I am in the South.


I was going to post some pictures but the flipp'n internet is toooooo slooooow!!! Latez


  1. I said El Paso was the Stockton of Texas as a joke. But now its becoming all too true...

  2. John, Texas is the Stockton of the United States, so yeah it's totally true. El Paso is more the Johannesburg of Texas.

    Larry the Cable Guy: Heart, Soul & Voice of the American people, he carries the American spirit with him as he shows us the true nature of our freedom by revealing the deep, rich history of bootlegging in America.

    Zach: Ich habe schon vermissen Ihre schönen Arsch.